Fish Creek Sanitary Sewer Trunk

Since 1999, Stephl Engineering has completedCCTV camera condition assessments and designed repairs on the 19,000 LF Fish Creek Sanitary Sewer Trunk pipe for the Anchorage Water and Wastewater Utility. The 50-year-old 24 to 36-inch corrugated metal (CMP) sanitary sewer pipe was found to have many problems but was not in as poor of shape or as badly corroded as was described in earlier engineering studies. In the last 17 years Stephl has designed upgrades to this trunk sewer using technologies such as sliplining with HDPE pipe, annular space grouting, CIPP lining, open cut and replacement, realignment, sewer flow bypassing and manhole rehabilitation. Most of the pipe was located along a creek, near the railroad tracks, or in the tidal zone of Cook Inlet and required the use of sheet pile shoring and creek diversions and restoration to complete the improvements.

Specialty Services

A full-service engineering firm that specializes in trenchless technology consulting and engineering services.

Condition Assessment

Condition assessments include investigations and evaluations of an existing utility system or pipe to document its condition or cause of problems.

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Engineering Services

Our services include water and sewer planning and design, landfill expansions, infiltration and inflow studies, permitting, and construction, administration and inspection. We are proud of our past projects that are constructed in rivers and marine locations.

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Trenchless Technology

Trenchless drilling is growing quickly in the Alaskan utility market. The construction or repair of water and sewer lines using trenchless methods can be cost-effective and feasible.

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