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Pipe Condition Assessment

Condition assessments include investigations and evaluations of an existing utility system or pipe to document its condition or cause of problems. Stephl Engineering LLC often utilizes closed circuit television camera (CCTV) equipment supplemented with a physical inspection of the pipe to determine a system’s condition. Our staff is certified in PACP ( Pipeline Assessment Certification Program) and has inspected and evaluated the condition of over 500,000 feet of sewer and water mains. Correctly identifying the failure mechanism in a pipe system is a critical component in selecting the proper repair method. In 2013, we purchased a Quickview camera that can look 50 feet up pipes. 

Representative projects that involved Conditions Assessments include:

Anchorage Fish Creek Trunks; CCTV, assessments
Anchorage Ship creek Water Plant Raw Water Pipe; CCTV inspection
Anchorage Baxter Road Storm Systems; Manhole inspection, Quick view pipe inspections
Ambler Sewer System; Study assessment
Anchorage Wonder Park Subdivision; CCTV, water and sewer pipe assessment
Homer Sewers; CCTV, condition assessment 
Downtown CIPP Sewer Upgrade; CCTV, cured-in-place pipe (CIPP), sewer bypassing
Fairbanks UAF Sewers ; CCTV, condition assessment
Fort Richardson Sewer Collection System Assessment; CCTV, manhole inspection, evaluation
Girdwood Collection System I/I Study and Manhole Rehabilitation; I/I evaluation and reduction, CCTV, flow monitoring
Anchorage International Airport Storm Sewers; CCTV inspection, assessment, cleaning
Anchorage Gambell Water and Sewer Rehabilitation; CIPP, Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) water main
C51 Sewer Rehabilitation; CIPP, sliplining, manhole rehabilitation
Kulis Air National Guard Base; storm and sanitary sewer CCTV
Kake Sewer System Evaluation; study, assessment 


 CCTV Camera

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