Wonder Park Subdivision Sanitary Sewers

Stephl Engineering prepared a sanitary sewer condition assessment report for the AWWU Wonder Park Water and Sewer Upgrade Project. CCTV crews working under the direction of Stephl Engineering completed the inspection of 18,000 feet of sewer main in 2011. The project also included 92 manhole inspections. A technical memorandum was prepared with recommendations and estimated costs for repairing defects in the sewer pipes. Stephl designed a system-wide upgrade of the existing sewer system that included technologies such as: open cut removal and replacement, trenchless point repairs, CIPP lining installation and manhole rehabilitation and manhole replacement. Approximately 7,000 LF of existing sewer pipe were upgraded on the $1.7 million project.

Specialty Services

A full-service engineering firm that specializes in trenchless technology consulting and engineering services.

Condition Assessment

Condition assessments include investigations and evaluations of an existing utility system or pipe to document its condition or cause of problems.

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Engineering Services

Our services include water and sewer planning and design, landfill expansions, infiltration and inflow studies, permitting, and construction, administration and inspection. We are proud of our past projects that are constructed in rivers and marine locations.

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Trenchless Technology

Trenchless drilling is growing quickly in the Alaskan utility market. The construction or repair of water and sewer lines using trenchless methods can be cost-effective and feasible.

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